Hanz de fuko hdfqs 2 oz quicksand wax

If you are following me on Instagram, some of you may know that a few weeks ago I had my hair cut by Anthony at the Refinery London, an up-scale grooming emporium for men, and I have been madly in love with my new hairstyle ever since! Normally this shouldn’t be big news to anyone but I am one of those people who is never satisfied with a new haircut. Regardless of its price tag, there always seems to be issues with either how my hair’s length or style turns out. So you can only imagine how excited & relieved I was when I saw the finished look that Anthony did on me using Hanz De Fuko Products. He actually gave me a few products from the collection along with some tips on how to lớn use them và I am excited to cốt truyện everything with you!

Hanz de Fuko is a male hair styling brand which was created in 2009 và has already taken the world by storm. I don’t know about you but I keep seeing it on my Instagram feed and I have heard so many good review about the products that I was super excited to lớn try them out myself. Their line is quite extensive with 9 products currently available in the UK, all made from organic & natural ingredients & with each one covering different needs for your hair’s hold and finish. You can check out their full collection with more information about each hàng hóa on their website. Today, I will be focusing on the most hyped products from the range and the products that personally worked best for my hair type.

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Probably Hanz de Fuko’s most talked about product, the Claymation is a super high hold hair clay with matte finish. The hold on this is quite impressive as it keeps your hair locked in for about 10-11 hours! The consistency in the jar is quite thick so keep in mind that a little goes a long way. Anthony suggested that for best results, a kích cỡ of a nickel on your palm is enough khổng lồ lock in your haircut. Also, always make sure that you rub it long enough between your hands until the clay is invisible before you start the styling process. That is because you want to warm up the product and spread it equally to lớn avoid leaving any white lumps on your hair. Another thing with Claymation, and most of the Hanz De Fuko products is that there is no noticeable smell khổng lồ it which is great if you have untamed hair that requires building up và more > or you just generally don’t lượt thích scents in hair products. Overall, Claymation gets the job done like how its supposed to. The hold is great, it doesn’t leave the hair sticky and it washes off easily. For best results, use it as a styler after Quicksand ( just how I did it at The Refinery!).


The holy grail of Hanz de Fuko và one of the mains reasons on why I am doing this post. Quicksand is nothing lượt thích I have seen or experienced before và now that I know about it I am never going back again! It is a quality powder clay that gives the hair great volume while also absorbing the oil from the hair & scalp, giving you a completely matte look. It is best lớn use on towel dry hair just so you can give some texture và lift lớn it. Remember the hold is medium which means that if you don’t want your hair to lớn move throughout the day, it’s better you apply one of the stronger clays. The cool thing about it is that because of its gritty texture it can also double as a dry shampoo. You get two products in one! No wonder why it’s favored by many Hollywood celebrities lượt thích David Beckham.

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Now.. Sponge Wax is one of the products that I used the most from the collection (along with the quicksand of course!). It is a high hold wax with a matte finish and it provides great hold but still leaves room for pliability in the hair during the day. The texture is much different than claymation. Sponge Wax feels very soft (almost like a sponge) & it’s easy khổng lồ emulsify in your hands.It feels very lightweight on the hair and it’s ideal for men with thicker hair who need more control. It does not hold as much as the Claymation and that’s why it’s perfect lớn use for more relaxed and bed hair looks ( which is my go-to hairstyle).