Cure Natural Aqua Gel Impresses After 7 Years

Previously I raved about the Klairs Gentle đen Sugar Scrub, & while I still love that dearly, I want to chia sẻ with you guys another exfoliant that’s a little different, but equally amazing: the Cure Natural Aqua Gel from Japan.

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First off the Cure Natural Aqual Gel is 91% water & contains no fragrance, artificial colors or preservatives. While this makes it the perfect exfoliant for those with sensitive skin, you’re probably wondering “how is this supposed to help remove my dead skin then???

According to their official site, the Crosspolymer & Dicocodimonium Chloride/Steartrimonium Bromide in this exfoliant are what responds to lớn the old skin, thus effectively removing them from your face. How they responds exactly, I don’t know, but I bởi vì know that it works.

All you need to vày is apply a pump or 2 of this on your washed và dried face, and massage gently. Depending on how much dead skin you have accumulated, you’ll start khổng lồ see và feel little clumps forming on your face. Yes, that’s the crosspolymer mixing with your dead skin, and yes, it’s kind of gross at first, but goodness it’s satisfying.

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While the Cure Natural Aqua Gel doesn’t have the same smoothing powers as the Klairs Gentle đen Sugar Scrub (it’s close though!), I love how gentle it is và how it really helps with skincare product absorption afterwards. With these 2 exfoliants in my skincare regimen, rough skin has been a thing of the past và my face has never been softer.

As with any exfoliant though, I’d caution against overdoing it, especially since this gel is so gentle. 2 times a week is plenty enough, thoughI personally use this only once a week. Even if you tried lớn use it more often, you probably won’t get any significant results: no dead skin = no clumbs = no satisfaction. But hey, that’s how you know those clumps are actually dead skin và not some gimmick right?

Key Points

Gentle exfoliant with no harsh ingredientsEffectively removes dead skin without any irritationEasy khổng lồ use packaging with a pump dispenserA bit pricey