Lee Dong Gun Và Jiyeon

T-ara's Jiyeon really changed completely, more successful after breaking up with "traitor" Lee Dong Gun.

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T-ara’s Jiyeon after being betrayed by Lee Dong Gun: Change, become strong, married a famous soccer player.


Jo Yoon Hee, who is divorced from Lee Dong Gun, received praise for the way she ’handled’ the wedding photos.



Former T-ara member Soyeon announced her marriage to lớn the boyfriend of a player who is 9 years younger than her after 3 years of dating

On February 10, Jiyeon shared the below handwritten letter as well as a few photos of the couple with fans. She wrote the following below:

“Hello, it’s Jiyeon. There was a story I wanted lớn tell my fans directly, so I had the courage lớn write this. I debuted in my teens, and time has passed and I’m already in my 30s. After debuting when I was young and afraid of everything, when I withdrew from anxiety in my teens & even in my 20s, when I wanted lớn give up in a difficult time, you always reached out and held me silently.

T-ARA Jiyeon

Thank you for cheering me on to lớn make it through the long tunnel. I may be where I am today.

To the fans who believe in me and support me, I want khổng lồ tell the fans first & foremost, not the words or writings of other people. I have a boyfriend who I met last year through an acquaintance and met with good feelings.


I promised to lớn get married in the coming winter with a boyfriend who’s lượt thích a gift in my life, who always care for me, cherished me, & taught me that happiness is. I will live a pretty & happy life with a reliable boyfriend who firmly held me when I was unstable và gave me a shoulder to lớn lean on.

I’m worried you may have been surprised by the sudden news. The day will come when I can mô tả this happiness with you too, so I’m very nervous và nervous as I write each letter. I’ll continue to repay you with a good image in the future for the support and love that the fans send.

Thank you, và I love you.”

Congratulations to Jiyeon và her husband-to-be!

Before having a beautiful love story with player Hwang Jae Gyun, T-ara’s Jiyeon used lớn have a betrayed ex-boyfriend.. The reason came from the fact that Jiyeon was Lee Dong Gun’s former lover, who had not yet broken up but was betrayed by Lee Dong Gun.

SHOCK: The reason why Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee divorced – involving Lee Dong Gun having an affair và Jiyeon (T-ara) !!!!!

In the first anniversary episode of radio broadcast of his wife, Lee Dong Gun revealed that he sent a encouragement message khổng lồ Jo Yoon Hee in December năm nhâm thìn to officially start a relationship. Worth mentioning, the public was extremely upset when they found out that it was the time when the actor Lee was still dating Jiyeon. So when her ex-boyfriend is becoming the focus of her controversial marriage, how is Jiyeon living?

Suffering from being “kicked”: Crying right on the livestreamExactly 1 day after breaking up with actor Lee Dong Gun, specifically on February 2, 2017, Jiyeon had a meeting with world fans with the livestream feature on Instagram. Jiyeon wore a rather discreet outfit, wore a đen hat covering half of her face & interacted with netizens. Some fans left comments encouraging the beautiful idol, & to reassure the fans, Jiyeon said “I’m okay”. However, fans discovered that the singer cried & covered her eyes with a hat.

After the breakup, Jiyeon completely transformed her image and became more excited on her solo activities. For a period of time, the female singer fell silent, making fans extremely worried. However, after that, Jiyeon regained her foothold, tried many different styles, and her appearance also changed significantly.

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After the breakup, every girl wants to show her ex that she is okay, even better than before. Jiyeon after the breakup also completely transformed, from sexy but still elegant to lớn fiery, daring và more personal.