Whether you’re dreaming up an artistic project, decorating for a party, or creating an epic costume, the best glow in the dark paints can help you achieve a photoluminescence effect.

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Types of Glow in the Dark Paint

Glow in the dark paints are typically available in two formulations: water-based và acrylic. Though the differences between the two formulas may be subtle, they can have a major impact on their performance. Read on lớn learn whether water-based or acrylic glow in the dark paint is ideal for the project you have in mind.


Also known as latex paints, water-based paints are made of natural ingredients. They dry more quickly, which can be an advantage or disadvantage, depending on the project. Water-based paints tend to be less expensive and more readily available. They’re environmentally friendly in comparison with chemical-based paints & emit fewer fumes, so you won’t have lớn worry about them negatively affecting your children or pets. DIY projects using water-based paints are easy to lớn clean up because you can simply use water lớn clean the brushes. Water-based paints don’t fare well when exposed to lớn high humidity environments, however, so they’re ideal for indoor use.


Acrylic paints are chemical-based và are made up of colorful pigments suspended in an acrylic polymer emulsion. They produce more fumes than water-based paints và are less eco-friendly. Acrylic paints tend lớn adhere better to surfaces than water-based paints, but clean up is more difficult because paint thinner is typically required for cleaning brushes, spills, or splattering that may occur. They are more appropriate for outdoor projects since they’re able lớn expand & contract with changing temperatures & humidity levels. Another reason they are better suited for outside work is that they’re fade-resistant, meaning UV rays won’t cause them khổng lồ discolor over time.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Glow in the Dark Paints

Before you begin to siêu thị for glow in the dark paint, weigh some key considerations. Though it would be easy khổng lồ assume that all products in this category will perform similarly, there are several factors khổng lồ think about. Read on to find out what to lớn keep in mind when shopping for the best glow in the dark paint for your creative needs.

Intended Use

The type of glow in the dark paint you choose depends on the crafting project you have in mind. Some products are formulated for use on multiple types of surfaces, but to ensure the paint performs optimally, it is beneficial to lớn choose a paint specially manufactured for your particular medium. Some paints are intended khổng lồ be used on fabrics, while others are meant for hard surfaces. While you should never use crafting paints on your face or body, there are skin-friendly glow in the dark paints available for face painting and costumes.

Glow Strength

Glow in the dark paints are charged by either the sun or artificial indoor lighting, và the strength of the glow can depend on the strength of the initial charge. Some products are optimized lớn be charged with UV flashlights, which can perform this task in seconds. The formula of the paint will dictate the type of glow achieved as the kết thúc result. Some glow in the dark paints provide a strong neon hue, while others emit a softer pastel glow. Looking at customer review photos is an ideal way to assess how well the paint actually performs once it is applied lớn the intended surface.

Color Variety

While some projects call for only a single shade, you might want to lớn employ all the colors of the rainbow for other tasks. Glow in the dark paints are readily available in multicolor packs of eight or more different hues, allowing you to create multifaceted designs. Some of the best products, however, are available only in a single color, so you might need to choose whether lớn prioritize unique over shade variety. Blues và greens tend lớn have the biggest impact, while pinks, reds, & purples may deliver less striking results.


Depending on the project you have in mind, longevity is a factor in terms of which glow in the dark paint is right for your purposes. When using the paint for a costume that will be worn only once, longevity is not a major factor. But, when using glow in the dark paint to lớn create a kiến thiết on a child’s bedroom ceiling, however, look for a hàng hóa that will last for years. High-quality glow in the dark paints intended for hard surfaces can endure a decade or more, while inexpensive craft paints may not perform quite as well. You should also consider how long the phosphorescent paint holds its charge, which varies depending on the product.

Our vị trí cao nhất Picks

The following recommendations take into tài khoản all the considerations mentioned above, including glow strength, màu sắc variety, longevity, & whether the paint is water-based or acrylic. This danh sách features a variety of some of the best glow in the dark paints to help you find the right hàng hóa for your needs & budget.

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Best Overall


This phối of eight acrylic glow in the dark paints offers a wide range of highly pigmented hues. These paints are phosphorescent, meaning they are activated by light & charged so they can glow. They also have a reflective effect when viewed under ultraviolet (UV) đen lights, resulting in a neon appearance. You can use these glow in the dark paints on hard surfaces lượt thích wood, metal, plastic, và even canvas, making them ideal for use on walls or in art projects. The manufacturer recommends using them with a primer in order lớn achieve the desired effect. These paints are not, however, safe for use on skin or clothing.