King'S Cup 2019: Late Goal Against Thailand Sends Vietnam To Final

We"re signing off after a drama-filled night, time for a celebratory beverage or two! Make sure and check out our website later for a full match report.

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Thanks for following along tonight, hopefully we"ll be able to vị it again on Saturday & bring you coverage of the final. Big thanks to Ha Be, Paul Kennedy, Hoang Quick & everyone else at Viet nam giới News who helped with the live blog.

Full time vương quốc của những nụ cười 0-1 Viet Nam

Well they left it late, but Viet nam giới have won it at the death, knocking xứ sở nụ cười thái lan out of their own tournament. The bầu goalkeeper Kawin Thamsatchanan will be having nightmares about that mistake for a while, but Park Hang-seo & his boys won"t care, they"re through khổng lồ the final on Saturday against Curacao.

95 min

Shades of Jordan Pickford as the bầu keeper makes an absolute mess of Anh Duc"s headed effort và allows it lớn cross the line.

Photo VTC

GOAL! vương quốc nụ cười 0-1 Viet nam (Anh Duc 94)

That must win it!

94 min

Corner here after Hung Dung almost went clean through! Time for late drama?

92 min

We"re halfway through added time here, and penalties loom. Vị either side have any players of German descent in the squad?

89 min

Xuan Truong comes on for Tuan Anh lớn make a cameo at his trang chủ ground.

85 min

Sixteen-year-old Suphanat comes on for Suphachai for his thái lan debut.

83 min

The tension is palpable here in Viet nam giới News HQ. That"s water in those bottles và not rice wine, we promise!

Photo Paul Kennedy

81 min

Viet nam giới work it khổng lồ Quang hai on the edge of the box but the star man drags his shot wide! He"s been largely anonymous tonight.

80 min

Just 10 minutes lớn go here & we"re still goalless. If it ends this way it"s straight khổng lồ penalties, no extra time. As they say in Scotland, squeaky bum time!

75 min

The former Incheon United man is causing all kinds of problems, & is hacked down by Pansa. Yellow for the bầu defender.

73 min

Cong Phuong whistles a shot over the bar that strikes the stanchion! It was a pretty turn & strike, but not half as pretty as his hair.

72 min

Second change for Viet phái mạnh as Tien Dung is replaced by Hong Duy.

70 min

Thailand score from the resulting không lấy phí kick but it"s been disallowed, possibly for a handball. Viet nam have been let off there và need khổng lồ wake up.

69 min

Viet Nam"s Tien Dung seems to have forgotten what sport he"s playing và is booked for a handball.

67 min

It"s all gotten a bit rowdy here as Sumanya also goes into the book for a late challenge.

65 min

Sub for Viet phái nam as naughty boy Van Toan comes off for Cong Phuong.

64 min

Bit of a coming togther here as both sets of players vì chưng some pushing và shoving. Handbags really, but the referee books Van Toan and Theerathon.

Photo VTC

60 min

Thailand have certainly started this half on top, but have yet lớn really trouble Van Lam in the VIetnamese net.

55 min

Thai free-kick after a Vietnamese player literally kicks his opponent in the buttocks. Accidentally, I"m sure.

51 min

Some quick half time analysis for you, hope Paul got my good side!

50 min

Cagey start lớn the second half so far.

46 min

Thailand have made one change to start the second half, with Sumanya Purisai coming on for Sarach Yooyen. Away we go!

Half time

The corner is wasted & referee blows for the break and the sides go in goalless. Viet phái mạnh have had more of the ball and played most of the trò chơi in the bầu half, but the trang chủ side created the clear-cut chances và are perhaps unlucky not to have scored. It"s all lớn play for in the second period!

45 min

Viet phái nam have a corner here at the over of the half, it would be a great time to score...

43 min

Things have slowed down a bit, seems lượt thích both teams have their eyes on some half-time oranges. Or perhaps durians?

39 min

Great run from Van Toan, he"s twisted his man inside out! But there"s no power in his shot & it"s cleared.

37 min

Beautiful cảm biến from Quang hai to take a high ball down, but his through ball is cut out.

33 min

Mistake from trong Hoang lets Thitiphan in, but his shot flashes just wide of Viet Nam"s post.

31 min

Not much to lớn report, other than the bầu kits are still a crime against football fashion.

27 min

A few meaty challenges being put in here. Proper football.

23 min

Viet phái nam free-kick from Quang hai forces a save, but Kawin gathers easily. It was a long way out, but a player of his stature has earned the right khổng lồ have a pop.

20 min

Still 0-0 & while Viet nam giới have had most of the ball and played the game in Thailand"s half, the home side have come closest khổng lồ scoring.

17 min

Off the post! thailand hit the woodwork after a great turn and shot from striker Supachai Jaided! Against the run of play.

15 min

Two corners in quick succession for Viet Nam, neither of which come lớn much.

13 min

Viet nam giới free-kick from Hung Dung is punched clear by the thai goalkeeper.

10 min

Break in play as the stretcher comes on for Viet Nam"s Van Hau, who gets carried off & promptly stands up unharmed.

6 min

After clearing a thai corner, Viet phái nam nearly get in down the right through Van Toan.

4 min

The diminutive playmaker takes it himself, but it"s cleared easily.

3 min

Viet phái mạnh have started the brighter and have a free-kick in a dangerous position thanks lớn Nguyen quang quẻ Hai.

1 min

Referee Jumpei Iida blows his whistle & we"re off!

7.47 PM

The team"s are out for the anthems in front of what looks lượt thích a packed stadium. We"re not worried if the floodlights fail, as the bầu team"s kit looks like it glows in the dark!

Photos VTC

7.40 PM

When asked pre-match about his tactics through a translator, Viet phái nam coach Park Hang-seo said it would be business as usual for his side và they have no special plans in store for this match. Full of confidence clearly!

Photo VTC

7.35 PM

While this fixture is a rivalry, it’s been very one-sided down the years.

The two sides first met in 1995 and have played 18 matches, with Viet phái mạnh only winning two of them và drawing three.

Thailand won the other 13 meetings, including a 3-0 victory the last time the two sides faced in October 2015, but a lot has changed since that trò chơi at My Dinh Stadium in Ha Noi; only five Vietnamese players involved that day remain in the squad.

Viet phái mạnh are also undefeated in matches I"ve live blogged, as if you needed any more confidence!

7.30 PM

Some snaps of Vietnamese fans outside the Chang Arena, and our lads seem to have travelled in numbers. Former national team anh hùng Nguyen Hong Son is among those in attendance! Looks like the rain is easing off too, which is good news.


7.21 PM

Viet nam are the AFF Cup 2018 champions và were quarter-finalists at the Asian Cup earlier this year. The Golden Dragons are enjoying perhaps the greatest period in their footballing history and will be keen to địa chỉ another trophy khổng lồ cement that legacy.

Thailand on the other hand sacked their manager at the start of this year & have yet khổng lồ hire a permanent replacement, have lost half their fixtures this year & are missing star playmaker Chanathip Songkrasin through injury.

So on paper, Viet phái mạnh should take a win today, but football isn’t played on paper, and I’m being told by reliable sources that it is in fact played on grass.

7.15 PM

Here"s the thai team, with captain & star striker Teerasil Dangda unable khổng lồ start due khổng lồ injury. Teen sensation Suphanet Muenta is on the bench.


Photo Goal xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện thái lan Twitter

7.10 PM

Team news for Viet Nam, and no huge surprises, bar a starting berth for Nguyen Tuan Anh in midfield, who hasn"t played for the national side since năm 2016 due khổng lồ injuries. Buriram United midfielder Luan Xuan Truong doesn"t get a start at his trang chủ ground.

Photo VFF

7.00 PM

Good evening and welcome to lớn our live blog bringing you coverage of Viet nam giới against đất nước xinh đẹp thái lan in the semi-final of the King’s Cup at the Chang Arena in Buriram, Thailand.

While it may be a friendly tournament, there’s no love lost between these two regional rivals, & each side will be going all out lớn secure a shot at the trophy against Curacao, who beat India 3-1 in the other semi-final earlier today.

So join myself Peter Cowan, Ha Be, Hoang Quick và Paul Kennedy and we’ll keep you updated throughout the 90 minutes.

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Vietnam take on xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện thái lan today evening in the King"s Cup in Bangkok. Log on lớn from 7pm for our live blog coverage.