500 Watt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter, 12V Dc To 220V Ac

Compact và light power newptcsitedaily.com provides 500W continuous DC to AC power, converting oto battery 12V DC lớn 120V/220V AC power, modified sine wave output, featuring multi-protection function & built-in cooling fan, best newptcsitedaily.com for charging your cell phone, tablet, máy tính etc., via USB port và household outlet.
đầu ra Voltage (VAC) * 110V 60Hz (L, N, G) 120V 60Hz (L, N, G) 220V 50Hz (L, N, G) 230V 50Hz (L, N, G) 240V 50Hz (L, N, G) 240V 60Hz (L, N, G) output Waveform * Modified sine wave Pure sine wave <+$64.66> đầu ra Socket * Universal USA australia UK South Africa France Germany đầu vào Battery Type * Lead-acid Battery Lithium Battery

500W continuous & 1000W surge power nguồn newptcsitedaily.com converts 12V DC battery power to 120V/220V AC household power. With full safety protections against over voltage, under voltage, over load, over temperature, short circuit and reverse connection, this is a best newptcsitedaily.com for oto or home use, ideal for powering điện thoại phone, laptop, iPad, kindle, digital camera, fan, light, etc., on road trips, vacations, camping or anywhere DC to AC newptcsitedaily.com is needed.

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500W 12V newptcsitedaily.com Specification

Input VoltageDC 12V
Output Voltage*1-Phase (L, N, G) 110V/120V AC ±5% or 220V/230V/240V AC ±5%- NOT provide split phase configuration (L1, L2+N, G)
Unload Current (less than)0.3A
Continuous Power500W
Peak Power1000W
Output Frequency50Hz±0.5Hz or 60Hz±0.5Hz
Output Waveform*Modified sine wave or Pure sine wave
Max. Efficiency90%
USB Port5V 1A
Outlet Type*Universal outlet *1
Input Voltage Range10V-15.5V
Low Voltage Alarm10.5V±0.5V
Low Voltage Shutdown10V±0.5V
High Voltage Shutdown15.5V±0.5V
Overload ProtectionYes
Overheat ProtectionYes
Short Circuit ProtectionYes
Reverse Connection ProtectionYes
Cooling MethodIntelligent cooling fan
Working Temperature-10℃ ~ +50℃
Storage Temperature-30℃ ~ +70℃
Product Size225x115x60mm
Net. Weight970g
Warranty1 year
Remote Control *Wired control (3m) or Wireless control (20m)-Wired control ONLY applies lớn pure sine wave newptcsitedaily.com

Note: * The AC đầu ra is 1-Phase (L, N, G), NOT Split Phase lượt thích USA standard (L1, L2+N, G).

Output Sockets (Optional)


Protection Function


Low voltageAlarm at first; voltage continuously reduce, LED Red light on & shut down.Over voltageLED Red light on, shut downOver loadLED Red light on, shut downOver temperatureAlarm at first; temperature continuously rise, LED Red light on & shut down.Short circuitLED Red light onInput reverse polarityFuse burn-out

Power newptcsitedaily.com Applications


Tips: What can be regarded as an excellent power nguồn newptcsitedaily.com?

Power newptcsitedaily.com is a device that can convert 12V/24V/48V DC energy from oto battery or battery bank into 110V/120V/220V/230V/240V AC power lớn run the electronics, appliances or various nguồn tools. An excellent nguồn newptcsitedaily.com should meet the requirements as below.

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Good ventilation, heat dissipation, workmanship and electronic components.Provide enough power output đầu ra interfaces & types of interfaces.High conversion efficiency & clear hàng hóa power identification.Provide all kinds of intelligent protections.