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Orlando thành phố sank beneath the weight of bad bounces & defensive transition mistakes in an inconceivable 4-1 beatdown loss khổng lồ Inter Miami CF at DRV PNK Stadium. The loss dropped the Lions below the playoff line with one match day remaining.

Starting in the game’s very first minute, awful mistakes cost the team and luck played a little bit of a role as well, as the Lions (13-14-6, 45 points) fell back below .500, fell below .500 on the road (5-6-6), and lost their fourth trò chơi in the last five since winning the U.S. Xuất hiện Cup. Meanwhile, Miami (14-13-6, 48 points) climbed above .500 & clinched a postseason berth for the first time.

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Leonardo Campana, Gonzalo Higuain (twice), and Ariel Lassiter did the damage on the scoreboard, but the Lions were honestly their own worst enemies in the first Tropic Thunder match that was decided by more than one goal. Ercan Kara pulled a goal back in the second half but by then the trò chơi was effectively over.

“I know what these kinds of games mean for our fans và I’m very disappointed not lớn perform the way we should,” Orlando thành phố Head Coach Oscar Pareja said after the match. “In that part, I take responsibility.”

“I want lớn say sorry lớn our fans, because they come from Orlando lớn Miami lớn to push us and today was not so good for us,” Junior Urso said.

Pareja rotated his lineup somewhat, playing Pedro Gallese in goal behind a back line of Joao Moutinho, Rodrigo Schlegel, Antonio Carlos, and Kyle Smith. Cesar Araujo played his customary stopper role next to a deep-lying Mauricio Pereyra, with an attacking midfield line of Benji Michel, Junior Urso, và Facundo Torres, with Tesho Akindele up top.

It took less than a minute for that lineup to break down. Smith somehow knocked a pass attempt off an opponent và the ball squirted in behind the Orlando center backs. Neither Carlos nor Schlegel went lớn get the ball so Campana ran onto it và chipped Gallese, who was off his line but not nearly far enough out khổng lồ get khổng lồ the ball before the Miami forward. Just over 30 seconds into the match, Orlando đô thị trailed. (Warning: sound off is better, so you can avoid Ray Hudson’s overblown, maniacal commentary.)

A perfect chip và a perfect start for Leonardo Campana & #InterMiamiCF.The cpu makes it 1-0 inside the first minute.

— Major League Soccer (

The Lions didn’t respond well khổng lồ going behind, despite getting a ton of possession. Orlando looked unsettled, consistently did nothing with phối piece opportunities, & broke down in transition when there were chances khổng lồ get numbers forward. Wayward passes from Torres, Akindele, and Urso & a couple of poor touches from Michel prevented some quality chances from materializing. The Lions did set up some half chances but did nothing with them.

“It’s normal when you start the game in the first minute just conceding the goal and then obviously, the other team with energy và with this momentum that they have, they take advantage of that situation,” Pareja said. “And then from there, our energy was doubtful and we were not precise in the movements, & then we started losing confidence.”

Akindele tried to lớn flick a pass from Smith on target but he didn’t quite pull it off, slowing the ball too much and sending it off target. Smith sent a blistering pass through the six in the 18th minute, but there was no way Akindele could get lớn it in time & Michel didn’t anticipate the pass quickly enough khổng lồ get khổng lồ the back post for the tap-in.

Higuain nearly got in behind in the 21st minute but Carlos did just enough khổng lồ force him wide và Gallese chased him into the corner and knocked it out of play. Two minutes later, Campana got in for a first-time shot but just missed wide.

Moutinho smashed a shot well wide from the đứng đầu of the area when a long throw fell khổng lồ him. A failure lớn put shots on target was a problem Sunday at new york City FC & it definitely continued into tonight.

The hosts doubled the lead in the 38th minute on a weird transition as Akindele tried khổng lồ force a pass into traffic. Miami came the other way & Schlegel got caught pressing high, giving the Herons a 2-on-1 break. Ariel Lassiter crossed in early lớn Higuain & his first cảm biến was a shot past Gallese khổng lồ make it 2-0.

Gonzalo Higuaín, a true king. His fifth straight trò chơi with a goal makes it 2-0! #InterMiamiCF

— Major League Soccer (

Akindele ‘s headed flick went just over the bar in the 43rd minute off a corner kick cross, which was the closest the Lions came in the opening half. In the final minute of the half, a good cross found Urso but he swung & missed at it và kicked DeAndre Yedlin instead.

Orlando thành phố held more possession in the half (61.9%-38.1%), had more shots (7-4) và corners (2-1), & passed more accurately (87.3%-78.3%) but Miami got more shots on target (2-0) và both of those went in. It was the second consecutive first half in which Orlando failed to lớn get a single shot on frame và the Lions had only one on target in its last three halves.

The Lions brought on offensive-minded reinforcements to lớn start the second half as Pareja withdrew Akindele, Michel, and Smith, sending Kara, Ivan Angulo, and Ruan onto the pitch. The changes made Orlando seem more dangerous immediately. Angulo got in the box, made a good move lớn bypass two defenders và took a shot. The Lions screamed for a handball but Victor Rivas did not give it & a check by the đoạn phim assistant referee maintained the call on the field. The only replay shown on the broadcast was inconclusive.

But Rivas wasn’t opposed lớn giving Miami a penalty moments later when the Lions were bit again by a bad bounce. A ball in for Lassiter skipped up off the Miami forward’s foot và hit Ruan’s arm at close range. The fullback’s arm wasn’t extended unnaturally, nor was the play intentional, but the gọi was upheld again and Higuain scored on the ensuing penalty to lớn make it 3-0 in the 53rd minute.

Sends the goalkeeper the wrong way for his second of the night. Gonzalo Higuain makes it 3-0 from the penalty spot. #InterMiamiCF

— Major League Soccer (

Three minutes later, Lassiter added to lớn Orlando’s misery with a shot just inside the right post, making it 4-0. Don’t ask me why Carlos was trailing on the play, my stream froze a few seconds earlier và started back up right where this đoạn clip begins.

Ari Lassiter picks his corner lớn find Miami"s fourth.And the griddy in front of the home crowd to follow.

— Major League Soccer (

Things got worse for Orlando thành phố moments after the fourth goal when Carlos was booked, meaning he’ll miss Sunday’s regular-season finale against Columbus with a suspension for yellow thẻ accumulation.

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“It’s a little bit soon lớn answer it but we always have lớn think about what’s next,” Pareja said when asked if he had formulated a plan for the back line on Sunday yet with Carlos suspended and Robin Jansson injured. “(The booking) was probably the thing that frustrated me the most. It’s the lack of common sense from the referee. It’s unbelievable. Their responsibility is to protect the game và they need to have the context of the players. & it was a very, very, very unnecessary yellow card, and that’s what disappoints me. Not a good call for me, and it affects us not having Antonio, but we have to find a different answer và see how we can mix out that back four. Somebody needs to bởi vì the job.”

Kara spoiled Miami’s shutout bid in the 71st minute, taking a pass from Torres at the top of the box, then turning and firing a well-placed shot just inside the left post. It was the big Austrian’s 11th goal of the season.

Ercan Kara with the fine finish on the turn to lớn the far post.#OrlandoCity pull one back.

— Major League Soccer (

Ruan had a chance khổng lồ set up Kara for another moments later. With Kara running miễn phí to his left, Ruan tried to cpu a pass across khổng lồ him over Miami goalkeeper Drake Callender. Unfortunately, he didn’t quite get the pass high enough and Callender caught it khổng lồ prevent the easy header at the back post.

Orlando squandered a late series of corner kicks và Ruan got deep into the box but sent a pass behind both of his teammates crashing the net và that was basically the end.

As a product of chasing the game for all but a few seconds of the match, Orlando finished with more possession (60%-40%), shots (16-6), corners (8-1), and passing accuracy (89.1%-83.4%), but Miami got more shots on target (4-1). Every shot on target in the match ended up in the net. The Lions now have one shot on target in each of the last two matches, which is just two on 29 attempts.

“I don’t know how to lớn explain it,” Urso said of the lack of precision. “We had good passing, we had good combinations, but like Oscar told us we have lớn get more confidence in front of the target and to shoot well. I think we have to be more calm in front of the goal, but no excuses for us.”

“We’re going to leave it there, we’re going lớn make our corrections,” Pareja said. “We’ve got lớn move on. This is a quick turnaround. We have a possibility at home that nobody gave us. We fought for that one during the season and this opportunity belongs to us. We’ll see. If we don’t beat Columbus then maybe we didn’t deserve to be in the playoffs, but certainly we have a great opportunity at home to get our qualification.”

The Lions have a knockout game in the final match of the regular season on Sunday, when the Columbus Crew visit Exploria Stadium. A draw won’t be good enough unless Cincinnati somehow loses at D.C. United.

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